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Welcome 2 bagan datoh..perak

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Bagan Datoh (alternate spellingBagan Datuk and Bagan Dato') is a small township around 28 miles (45.06 km) west of Teluk Intan, in the state of PerakMalaysia. It is situated south-west of Ipoh city, the state capital
 The main economic activity in Bagan Datoh is fishing. There are also, however, many coconut plantations nearby, visible along the road to Bagan Datoh from Teluk Intan.

Visitors to this estuarine village will come across hectares of sprawling coconut plantation, for this is the heart of Perak's coconut country and is noted as being the supplier of some of the nation's highest quality coconut products thereof with good market recognition.
Diversification from the traditional coconut industry has seen the more recent establishment of large tracts of cocoa plantations in the Bagan Datoh vicinity, and these too are beginning to show fruitful result. Bamboo, traditionally extracted from the wilds, can be seen to have been systematically cultivated in rows both in and around the area.
The Bagan Datoh jetty provides an interesting stop, both to savour the freshness of the non-stop sea breeze as well as to take in the panoramic vistas of the open sea afforded by its strategic location.

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nostalgic bus station
       There are also a few fishing villages scattered around Bagan Datoh, for example Sungai Tiang and Sungai Burong, and their corresponding seaside village Bagan Sungai Tiang and Bagan Sungai Burong.On the way from Teluk Intan there will be a few small township which are Hutan Melintang, Selekoh and Simpang Tiga. One popular spot for angling is Sungai Dulang, situated about 8 km from Bagan Datoh. It is famous for lobster fishing where an angler's night spent there could harvest up to 5 kilograms of lobsters. is from here. proudly.

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