Monday, January 17, 2011

Akademi Binaan Malaysia (ABM)

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Akademi Binaan Malaysia [ABM] is the training arm of CIDB Malaysia which caters for the development and upgrading of skills amongst Construction Personnel.

A key focus of the Akademi Binaan Malaysia involve that of equipping Construction Personnel with the right:
  • skills
  • standards
  • competency
  • quality
  • productivity
The ABM has outlined 7 objectives to fulfill its role:
  • To produce more locally skilled and semi-skilled Construction Personnel, hence reducing the country�s dependency on foreign workers
  • To undertake structured and widely recognized Construction Skills Development Courses which are conducted by well-trained and professional trainers
  • To produce productive, safety conscious, quality-oriented and competent Construction personnel to meet the ever-changing needs of the Construction Industry
  • To provide opportunities for Construction Personnel to upgrade their skills from time to time
  • To support the industry in pursuit of competitive advantage by providing them with the right construction manpower capable of handling the increasingly advanced Construction Technology
  • To develop and pave the way for the present and future export of locally groomed skilled manpower, and
  • To carry out skills accreditation programs

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